Get Paid for Your Work

Consult with an attorney about your employment separation pay in Slidell, LA

If you were recently fired or have resigned from your job, you're still entitled to pay for the hours you worked. A grudge or disagreement is no excuse for your employer to hold back pay. Contact Albe Law Firm today to end your employment separation pay dispute in Slidell, LA.

Under Louisiana labor laws, you're still owed the final paycheck. Call 985-718-1170 today to learn more about final paycheck law.

Don't let your employer keep your hard-earned money

Don't let your employer keep your hard-earned money

Are you wondering if the circumstances surrounding your separation will impact your pay? Under final paycheck law in Louisiana, you're entitled to pay within 15 days of:

  • A firing, termination, discharge or layoff
  • A suspension or resignation due to a labor dispute
  • Quitting or resigning

Your employment separation pay will amount to the earnings you would have received by the next pay date. Speak with Jay today to get answers to your employment law questions in Slidell, LA.